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Success is the sum of small efforts repeated daily

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Counseling is not about problems. When you think about it, all of us experience difficulties in life. Difficulties are a part of living. Counseling is all about walking beside you to help you recognize the innate strengths and abilities you have to manage and cope with the difficulties you experience. Focusing on problems tends to highlight the problems which in turn, highlights more problems. Through education, awareness, insight, and action, you can change the path of your thoughts and become focused on recognizing and implementing solutions.

Positive expectations create optimism. Optimism creates hope. Hope creates a sense of power and control. Counseling is all about helping you exercise power and control through your proven strengths and abilities.

Success is the succession of small steps taken daily. Changing your focus from being problem-centered to being solution-centered can take time and also be challenging. I cannot imagine anyone waking up in the morning and telling themselves they are hoping to find the problems to help keep themselves feeling depressed, sad, anxious, or angry. I can imagine, however, people waking up to face the day telling themselves they want to feel better.

My approach to Counseling encompasses a belief that people are strong and resilient. I also believe that people know themselves best. By combining the individual’s expertise with my expertise, we can work together to achieve solutions. Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards finding solutions by simply visiting this, and perhaps other Counseling centered pages.